ANDREW CHAPADOS | Uncle Hack (Danger Cats) is Highly Offensive | Andrew Says 90


September 8th, 2022

51 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Yet another comedian bouncing back from comedy-club cancellations, Brendan a.k.a. 'Uncle Hack' from hit the Canadian comedian group Danger Cats suffered from an acute case of 'cancel culture' after TikTok videos of some of his stand-up comedy material was criticized on the Chinese social media platform. This resulted in some venues refusing to host their comedy-roast shows, even spawning a few protesters.

'Uncle Hack' joins Andrew Says for the first time to talk about his comedy faux-pas, Joe Biden and the Canadian trucker convoys/border protests that saw an unlikely crossover between Danger Cats and Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid and Kian Simone.

Behind the RebelNews+ paywall, Brendan gives his hilarious Jesse Ventura impression that you don't want to miss after he and the host get nostalgic about Woodstock '99.

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