EZRA LEVANT | US midterm elections: How bad is Biden going to blow it?

October 27th, 2022

It is less than two weeks from now that the United States will have its midterm elections– You know, those are the entire House of Representatives.

That's the congress is up for re-election as there are over two years, a third of the important senate are up for grabs. And of course the whole thing is a form of a proxy vote on the President of the United States.

He is not at the ballot box until two years from now, if he does indeed run, of course, there are other races at the state level.

A lot of the governors are up for grabs. Our favorite guy, Ron de Santis is in a battle. Let's talk about this because I think there is a lot of momentum these days that suggests the republicans might do very well.

I've never seen polling that looks so bad for the democrats.

I took you through that New York Times poll before showing you the shocking numbers of Americans who feel the country's on the wrong track and who incredibly think the media is the threat to democracy.
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