EZRA LEVANT | A heartbreaking and infuriating interview with a victim of child sexual exploitation in the United Kingdom

September 13th, 2022

You know our motto here at Rebel News. It's telling the other side of the story. Sometimes that means talking about a story that everybody's talking about, but just giving a different perspective. But sometimes that means telling a story that everyone else is afraid to even mention. Afraid for various reasons. It's too difficult to talk about certain things, or, you might be accused of being a bigot or a racist.

That's something that happened in the United Kingdom, over years — in fact, over decades — as a terrible phenomenon took root in that country. A phenomenon of 'rape gangs', groups of men who would sexually assault women, night after night after night. To say women is inaccurate — the victims were girls, children. It's child sexual exploitation on a mass scale.



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