Our plan to fight Trudeau's online censorship law Bill C-11


April 28th, 2023

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2022 was the year of the trucker, wasn’t it?

They were the heroes who broke the official establishment narrative and proved that we didn’t all love the lockdowns and the forced vaccines. We didn't all love our civil liberties being violated and our democracy being truncated. And, no, even though government workers all got paid to stay home, real people still had to pay the bills. The truckers saved us. They captured the imagination of the world; they embarrassed Trudeau; he panicked and overplayed his hand, invoking martial law. The mask slipped; we saw the tyrant underneath the sociopathic smile.

The convoy was the greatest civil liberties campaign in a generation — and it was led, as George Orwell said it would be, by the working class.

But it almost wasn’t so. Because, you’ll recall, every part of the establishment, the entire regime, was told to fight the truckers. It’s hard to believe this now, but the CBC actually ran a bunch of stories about a trucker convoy — but claimed they were mad about driving conditions on British Columbia’s Coquihalla highway. From the very beginning, they were under marching orders: ignore the truckers; do not give them any coverage at all. And when that became impossible, their mission changed to smearing the truckers.

Tamars Lich was the newsmaker of the year at the heart of the event of the year, the freedom convoy. Yesterday she told me she was never approached by the CBC, not once — other than, towards the end, when a muckraker from the Fifth Estate asked her some bad faith questions for a “gotcha” story. But not a single reporter, not a single panel discussion, no one even bothered to talk to her. How is that even possible?


Well, because it was a strategy; not an accident or an oversight. As you know the government literally put the mainstream media on the payroll. I mean, they did that years ago — the CBC has always been a creature of the government; the newspapers have been on the take for half a decade now; but even the TV and radio stations were getting huge subsidies, especially over the past two years. I mean, just a plain old $104 million dollar gift, in one single instance. How can you take $104 million from Trudeau and then report a “news” story about Trudeau, without disclosing that? That’s a form of corruption. And that’s just government money — not even Pfizer ad money. Frankly, that’s what Tucker Carlson talked about in his monologue on the last day he worked for Fox, before getting fired. 

But I think the under-story of 2022 was the conspiracy to smear the truckers and keep the false unanimity about the lockdowns, it all failed because — of citizen journalism. The truckers were the greatest embarrassment Trudeau has ever faced in his career. And for some reason, they didn’t respond to his drama teacher's soliloquies. He can’t stand that blue-collar truckers embarrassed him, and citizen journalists told their story. He had all the big shots in the palm of his hand — CBC, CTV, Global, all the newspapers. But there was that pesky internet, those pesky citizen journalists on social media.

Don’t think he didn’t notice. You don’t spend billions of dollars a year buying and renting and corrupting the media to support your agenda without seeing the holdouts.

And that’s why the big story of 2023 is actually linked to the big story of 2022. 2023 is the year of Trudeau’s revenge. Social media videos were the poor man’s broadcasters. But Trudeau doesn’t control them.

Well, enter Bill C-11 — the Online Streaming Act, as it’s known. It does one simple thing and sets the table for many complex things. It gives Trudeau’s hand-picked CRTC regulator jurisdiction over the Internet in the same way that they have jurisdiction over old-fashioned TV and radio. It’s Trudeau’s revenge.


Well, this week Bill C-11 passed in the Senate, by a vote of 52 to 16. It won’t surprise you that China’s two favourite Senators — Peter Harder, of the Canada China Business Council, and the disgraceful Yuen Pau Woo, the pro-Communist propagandist, love C-11. It reminds them of China’s censorship regime.

52-16. How embarrassing for Canada. Even more embarrassing, Patrick Brazeau abstained. How can you abstain? I mean, either have the courage to stand for freedom, or have the courage to admit you’re a censor. How embarrassing to abstain. It received Royal Assent last night, too — so it now only awaits being “proclaimed” before it is active law.

So this has passed Parliament. And it will be turned into law very soon. This is Trudeau’s top priority — not the economy, not solving the national strike, not the cost of living or the cost of housing or immigration or taxes. This is. Censoring us. And by us, I mean you and me. Not the CBC or other government propagandists.

So what can I do? I’ll tell you more on Monday. But as you know, once in a while Rebel News stops just talking about the news, talking about the crisis. And from time to time we stop and we actually do something about it. On Monday I’ll take you through our plans in detail. Our battle plan.

Because it’s not enough just to report and give our opinions. That’s important — to spread the word. But as we showed during the pandemic, we have to do things, too. During the pandemic, we crowdfunded the legal defence of more than 2,500 ordinary Canadians. Because we just had to do something about it — we couldn't just watch, we had to help fix the world.

I believe we’re in the same position now. If anyone’s going to do something about this, I believe it has to be us.

Us — me, Rebel News, and you.

I’ll tell you more Monday.

GUEST: Doug Firby, joins the show to speak on his latest column for C2C Journal on why it's time to drop the RCMP and create an Alberta police force.

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