Ezra Levant

Co-Host of Rebel News Podcast

Ezra Levant, the host of The Ezra Levant Show and founder of Rebel News, is a Canadian human rights activist, established political writer, and father.

He is also, self admittedly “not to everyone’s tastes,” due to his forward, to-the-point approach when it comes to talking about difficult issues including politics, free speech, foreign policy and much more.

Ezra Levant earned his degree in both commerce and law through the University of Calgary and has successfully written and published multiple bestselling books, such as Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada's Oil Sands; China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology is Putting Canadians in Danger; Trumping Trudeau: How Donald Trump will change Canada Even If Justin Trudeau Doesn’t know it yet; and The Libranos: What The Media Won't Tell You About Justin Trudeau's Corruption.

Ezra regularly calls out Canadian mainstream "media party" and calls for honest reporting and doesn’t shy away from having “controversial takes” in the name of free speech. He believes reporting should be separate from the government body and supports the presence of private, grassroots organizations like Rebel News.

Ezra regularly reports on important issues happening in Canada and the United States, tackling subjects that mainstream media won’t touch. He has no problem standing up to not only other news institutions but the government itself. He is outspoken about Trudeau’s government and regularly criticizes his policies and his efforts to censor news media. Ezra makes daily appearances on Rebel News and on their YouTube channel, which has amassed a following of 1.56 million subscribers.

Despite the best efforts of many to shut down the views of Rebel News, Ezra continues to hold steadfast against anti-free speech rhetoric and provides truthful, honest commentary on what’s going on in the world without fear. He isn’t afraid to go up to bat for what he believes in.

In 2014, he was chosen as the “most irritating Canadian” by the Globe and Mail’s TV Critic, while viewers voted him the “biggest name in Canadian broadcasting.”

Ezra Levant has hosted 1556 Episodes.