How Calgary dodged the Olympic bullet and what’s on the horizon for taxpayers? (Guest: William McBeath)

November 28th, 2018

On November 13th, 2018, Calgary's residents wisely voted against a two-week-long legacy party for Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

In a municipal plebiscite where over three-hundred thousand ballots were cast, over 56 per cent voted “No” to Calgary hosting the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

Thank God. It was a rebuke of the wasteful priorities at Calgary city council, a rejection of the corruption of the International Olympic Committee and a rare win for common sense and accountability in Alberta politics.

Will this whole expensive and secretive debacle be a gut check for City Hall? Or will Mayor Nenshi simply move on to the next expensive pet project to be laid at the feet of Calgary taxpayers?

Joining me tonight to discuss how Calgary dodged the Olympic bullet, and what's on the horizon for Calgary taxpayers suffering through the worst economic recession in a generation, is taxpayer advocate, William McBeath, from municipal accountability group, Save Calgary.


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