Is Unifor’s anti-Conservative political stance “resistant” to the will of union members? (Guest: Bill Tufts)

November 21st, 2018

Big Labour has started campaigning for left-wing politicians early, a year out from the next federal election.

Canada’s mega union, Unifor, has declared itself the “resistance” to Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer in a comical photo showcasing a handful of sour union faces posed around a stern looking union boss named Jerry Diaz. The image has spawned dozens of bad jokes and memes.

Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union representing auto workers, oil sands workers, and journalists alike, has the money, the means, and the media, on their side.

However, suddenly the CBC is interested in conservative third-party spending in elections.

CBC’s resident conspiracy theorist, Wendy Mesley, spoke to the founder of Ontario Proud, Jeff Ballingal, about how his small conservative social media meme-based political action group is shaping the way people view conservative politics, now that he’s got his sights set on Justin Trudeau.

You see, CBC didn't care much when American environmental groups were dumping millions of dollars into the arms of Canadian activists to block Canadian pipelines and cripple the Alberta economy.

They don’t bat an eye as Unifor declares war on Conservatives, using union dues from members to wage political battles with little to no spending transparency required.

But now that conservatives are fighting back, the CBC is worried about big money influencing politics. Give me a break!

Joining me tonight in an interview recorded earlier this week to talk about how Big Labour sways Canadian elections, the mainstream media and influences geopolitical outcomes, is author, researcher and activist, Bill Tufts.


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