Rebel Roundup: Guests Sheila Gunn Reid, Ezra Levant & Ben Davies

November 23rd, 2018

Every Friday evening on Rebel Roundup, we get together with other Rebel contributors to review the week's headlines, from the serious to the absurd.

Settle in and enjoy!

  • Hey, guess which party has the biggest war chest for next year’s federal election? Well, it’s the Media Party, of course, thanks to more than half a billion dollars in Liberal welfare.

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant serves up all the gruesome details.

  • When it comes to crossing the Canada/U.S. border, there’s apparently an unofficial new rule in 2018: Makers are inconvenienced, while Takers – i.e., irregulars – receive 24/7 concierge service!

Sheila Gunn Reid drops in to explain all.

  • The latest Fantastic Beasts movie is a progressive panacea. So why are the progressives panning this flick? Well, it’s not progressive enough!

Ben Davies weighs in on this latest unintentional comedy.

  • And finally, letters. Tonight, I’ll share some of the letters we received regarding my report on the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty that was protesting... um, something... last weekend.



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