Tommy Robinson flipped the script on the BBC and Rebel Media had a front row seat (Guest: Kelly Day)

February 27th, 2019

Tommy Robinson flipped the script on the media and the Rebel had a front row seat.

Robinson captured the BBC’s flagship investigative journalism show, Panorama, colluding with far left-wing activist group “Hope Not Hate”, to create a false narrative about him - that he was a sexually harassing employer and a virulent, violent racist.

Robinson presented the evidence in a documentary called “Panodrama,” playing it on a big screen before thousands of adoring fans in front of the BBC offices. Since then, Robinson’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been suspended, suspiciously, just as his movie reached 1M views on Mark Zuckerberg’s omnipotent social media platform.

The Rebel was there at the world premiere of Robinson's documentary because, as Robinson’s documentary revealed, you just can't trust the mainstream media. Ezra Levant was on stage to get the other side of the story, and so was someone else Ezra brought with him all the way from Canada.

Singer-songwriter, Kelly Day flew from Prince Albert Saskatchewan to the UK to perform her beautiful and stirring rendition of Owen Benjamin’s, How They Rule Ya.

Today, a slightly jet-lagged but still fired-up Kelly, joins me on the Gunn Show, to give us the inside scoop on all the Panorama drama, and so much more.


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