SHEILA GUNN REID | Roe v. Wade for young conservatives with Kat Krozonouski and Nat Biase


June 29th, 2022

32 mins 42 secs

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This week the right scored a major win in a culture war most assumed was long ago lost.

Roe v. Wade, the ruling that federalized abortion laws, was overturned by the US Supreme Court in a majority decision. Cue the gnashing of the teeth, the wailing, the moaning, the Handmaid's Tale costumes and the twerking for justice.

If you got all your news from the mainstream media, women like me are going to have our shoes taken away and forcibly impregnated by slack-jawed Christian Talibanic extremists over and over again until we die in childbirth. But that's not the truth. The decision turns the issue of abortion back to states to legislate on, where state lawmakers can be held accountable for their decisions. California and New York will remain abortionist Valhalla, and Texas, Alabama and other red states will chart a different path.

Misleading politicians and their mainstream media and celebrity enablers are working young progressives into a panicked frenzy. It can't be good for them.

How can we help them calm down? Should we even bother? And what can conservative young people do to keep the culture war wins rolling in?

Kat Krozonouski and Nat Biase, the hosts of Miss Understood join me tonight to walk me through it all.

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