DAILY Roundup | Trudeau gets another warm welcome in the GTA, Liberal MP slips up on vaccine secrecy

February 22nd, 2023

David Menzies is joined by Drea Humphrey for this midweek edition of the DAILY Roundup.

Today, David and Drea are looking at the not-so-warm welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got as he made another visit to the GTA, this time in Vaughan.

While speaking in the GTA, Trudeau also weighed in on illegal migrants — irregular immigration, according to the PM — entering Canada through Roxham Road after being driven to the border under orders from New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Plus, Liberal MP Anthony Housefather probably doesn't even realize it, but he slipped up and shed light on the secrecy surrounding COVID vaccines — and why some people are so hesitant to take one.


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